Monday, January 28, 2008

UPDATE: new design solution for all aircraft sections.

The enginepowered airplane, helicopter, glider and balloon sections are now updated with a improved version of the script I implemented for the airports some time ago.

A new feature to the aircraft sections are now a detail page for each aircraft, making it possible to display even more detailed information than before.

I've added a couple of links to the page, as links to three links for image search and one for used aircraft search.

please take a look in the different updated sections:

Engine-powered Airplanes (LN-***)
Helicopters (LN-O**)
Gliders & Motor-gliders (LN-G**)
Balloons (LN-C**)

The changes page has not been implemented with this solution yet, but it's under development.

Feedback would be appreciated! Thank you!

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